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would you like to sleep with me in french
some guy goes up to a girl and says voulez-vous coucher avec moi? *5 seconds later* he gets slapped
by josue March 14, 2004

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South American Green Tea - quickly becoming a big thingy in the State's, some say its growing because of the slammin effects (better than coffee)and the health stuff, but I think it's because it's taken with hot water through a pipe looking bombilla and gourd that looks like a green tea bong.
"Yo what it that? It looks like a ganga juice and a pipe"

"Nombre, it's Argentine, I'm off the beans and I'm drinking 'mate' cause it's got antioxidants"

See pics: www.miyerbamate.com
by Josue February 16, 2005

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Well "Thats great" is used in many terms. The term i believe used by caucasians while not giving a dam about what the other person is saying, because they just wana sound like they give a dam they would answer " wow, thats great" while really not paying attention to what you have said.
Clever: Well Josue, i found out that the reason why the Printer was taking to long to print is because the resolution was 400%. The printer had to be @ 75%

Josue: Thats great
by JOsue July 14, 2004

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term used to describe the ugliest beyond ugly creature; a beat ass bitch
damn bro, yo bitch is asphalt ugly.
by josue July 13, 2004

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a metro sexual is a straight person who likes pempering himself with facial, manicures and massages
When a guy pretends he is straight but he does things that girls due.
by josue December 08, 2003

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