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The most powerful force in the universe, it is used to call possession of a certain object or idea. There are very few things that trump dibs.
dibs on definition 1
by Jon Reed November 20, 2006
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Great movie starring George Clooney. It's based on Homer's Odyssey but is set in Mississippi during the depression.
The One-Eyed Bible Salesman in O Brother, Where Art Thou? is definetly polyphemus the cyclops from the Odyssey.
by Jon Reed November 25, 2006
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"Aye, Murphy, 'ts gonna be a bad morning"
by Jon Reed July 31, 2006
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The FBI Agent from the movie The Boondock Saints.

His name is a kinda reversed version of "small pecker"
Hojo: I just wanted to cuddle!
Paul Smecker: Cuddle? What a fag!
by Jon Reed March 24, 2007
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Something that was doomed from the start. Such as in a game or situation.
"We were playing euchre and I got a hand of 9s and 10s, that hand was pre fucked man."
by Jon Reed July 02, 2006
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Three chords and the truth.
Bad Religion, NOFX, Social Distortion, bands with a message more than "I'm sad, I'm gonna cut myself". That's punk rock.
by Jon Reed February 26, 2008
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In progress, something that is in the process of being completed.
Stephanie: u can have jessika
JR: fuck no
Stephanie: she asked wut was wrong with her
Stephanie: she wants a whole list
JR: its in the mail
by Jon Reed July 31, 2006
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