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(Adj.) a person that is immune from proof and will not consider evidence, change his or her perspective, or reconsider an idea. The same way that a waterproof boat is protected from water, a proofproof person is protected from proof.

(Adj.) a theory that is constructed in such a way as to be impossible to disprove, ie it is non-falsifiable.
“Wow, Sean Hannity just admitted that he will not believe that Russia colluded with the Trump campaign no matter how much proof there is. He is proofproof.”

Immanuel Kant’s deontological theory of rights is based on the supposed inherency of worth or value to certain ideas. So no matter how much evidence or logic you muster, it won’t change. It’s a proofproof theory.”
by Jon Snow Lives June 11, 2018
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n. An industry that likes to mask social judgment in terms of people’s health and well being. So for example if you think crowds are unhealthy in general but not for people protesting what you consider to be a worthy cause, then you are in the field of public health. Not to be confused with pubic health which is more important
It’s great when public health professionals steered people to harm reduction during the HIV crisis rather than abstinence only education.

Why are public health professionals saying one type of protest is unsafe but another one is?
by Jon Snow Lives June 6, 2020
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n. A sweeping phrase used to describe any range of behavior involving sex, intimacy, or genitalia that is alleged to be inappropriate by the accuser or the speaker. The behavior may be illegal such as extortion, assault and battery, or indecent exposure, but more often it is a legally ambiguous situation where two consenting adults were involved in the situation until one participant, usually the woman, seeks to contest the context, unspoken assumptions, or power dynamics in the circumstance. The disclosing party usually wishes to publicly expose or air moral qualms with the situation. Whether or not the conduct is truly wrong depends on ones personal views on matters involving gender roles, sex, marriage, jocular conduct, and workplace norms. The phrase is closely associated with the #MeToo movement whose proponents call for shifting the balance of power between genders in the workplace and opponents accuse the movement of being joyless manhaters.
I thought I had a decent role as an actress but then I needed to meet with the producer at his hotel. When he walked into the room wearing only a robe I bolted and then lost my job. That’s sexual misconduct!

I was like on this first date with a dude and he didn’t ask if I wanted white or red wine. When we got to his house he tried to hook up right away win any conversation. After a night of raunchy oral sex I really regretted it. That’s sexual misconduct!

Wow. The anchor of a morning TV show called *me*, a 21 year old intern, to his office and exposed his Johnson then walked away. He hasn’t fired me or even acknowledged my existence before or since. That guy is a strange dude and I’d say that was sexual misconduct.
by Jon Snow Lives January 17, 2018
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(n.) a satirical "news" website that focuses on issues from the middle east and generally tries to shed light on issues in a more detailed and locally-informed manner than other sites.
Wow, The Mideast Beast is killing it with some good laughs about the news.
by Jon Snow Lives May 25, 2018
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n. A concept perpetuated by the managerial class and employers to describe work colleagues as family. The purpose of this oxymoronic notion is to discourage employee relationships outside work so that the manager can continue to prosper at the expense of employees.
Beth, please don’t go home until 7:30 pm, your work family needs you.

Bill keeps trying to plan a Christmas party at his house for the “work family” but we have, like, a real family
by Jon Snow Lives July 27, 2019
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