The practice of providing advice and helpful suggestions to a novice regarding potentially dangerous activities in the hope that they will heed the advice and not cause hurt or harm to themselves or others.
Practicing harm reduction Keith showed Brittany how to IV drugs. According to him he didn't want the wrong person showing her the wrong way, because he knew she was headstrong.
by Nikki Stixx December 10, 2018
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1. Working with people where their at
2. The alternative to preachy outreach
3. Being practical when working with people; baby steps towards a healthier lifestyle
4. Tool of the Progressive Movement
Paper Pusher: You need to stop smoking cigarettes, or else you'll die.
Smoker: Fuck You.

Outreach Worker: Just try to smoke like one or two less a day, there are hella chemicals in that dude, and like one or two a day less - years on your life, years.
Smoker: Maybe, what do you mean 'hella chemicals'?

Now which one is Harm Reduction?
by Lord Pandiora November 4, 2006
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A useless, many-hat-wearing, zoom-meeting-having, healthcare worker who has never done drugs or responded to an overdose, but thinks they're hood.
"Hello? Can you hear me?" - Drugs Users to Harm Reduction Hotties
by Bingbongson October 7, 2022
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