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(rok-werd): adjective - when your penis achieves erection due to an awkward situation.
1. Damn those two queers rubbin' up on each other just got me rockward.

2. The other day I was watching my buddies grandma put on socks and I got rockward.
by JohnnyBanger June 22, 2010

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(muhd-vol-ee-bawl): verb - a sexual act in which the male poops out his poop into his female counterparts anus and as he inserts his penis in to her porkpit over and over again his balls will smack his own poop that is now in and around her anus thus creating mud volleyball.
1. Hey girl... trying to play some mud volleyball? I've got the poo if you have the butthole.
2. The other day my girlfriend and I were playing mud volleyball and I got feces all over the inside of my thighs.
by JohnnyBanger May 28, 2009

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(pohrk-pit): noun - the passage leading from the uterus to the vulva in certain female mammals.
I would love to put my penis inside of her porkpit.
by JohnnyBanger May 27, 2009

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(ley-zee-bloo-ber-ee): a "lazy blueberry" is the name for a testicle that has fallen asleep during any kind of rigorous activity. The ball falls asleep because blood rushes from it to your extremities. This most often occurs during the act of masturbating and sometimes while swimming or playing basketball. This almost never happens while using the restroom.
Yesterday I got a lazy blueberry while sprinting to the mail box. My porn didn't arrive.
by JohnnyBanger May 30, 2009

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