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A Neo-hillbilly sport involving taking two shots from a 12 gauge shotgun at 10 cans assembled in triangular formation (as a pin-setter would arrange bowling pins). Players shoot 10 frames (frame= 2 shots at one setting of 10 cans), and score is kept the same way bowling scores are kept with a possible perfect score of 300.
Hey Jethro, I just finished off ten cans of Alpo and got a couple of boxes of shells, let's go shotgun bowling!
by Johnny Wu February 11, 2008
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A truncated word meaning "vagina genius" A person who is highly skilled at operating the sexual mechanisms of the vagina. Not associated with any particular urinary or partus proclivity.
Sally: Hey Jane, I heard you hooked up with Scooter. Was he any good?

Jane: Oh yeah, he got me off like twelve times. He's a vaginius!
by Johnny Wu November 10, 2008
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A male or female that performs felatio after receiving anal sex, and having a piece of corn from their own anus affix itself to one of their teeth via the felated phallus.
I went ass to mouth on Cindy and gave her a corn tooth!
by Johnny Wu September 12, 2008
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