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pronunciation: (skwil-der)

An orgasmic scream at the height of ecstasy launching out of a woman's mouth uncontrollably
i made her squilder

she squildered so loud my neighbors woke up

her squilder made me laugh
by Johnny Eberto August 03, 2009

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To take your penis and violently slap it against a person's face 4-5 times, then proceed to ejaculate all over their face, then thrust it down their throat and make them gag on your still throbbing penis.
Man I schappappined her so hard she was knocked unconscious, when she woke up she was pissed!"
by Johnny Eberto August 02, 2009

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to spread a woman's legs and violently throw pop rocks into her vaginal cavity, then proceed to penetrate her with your penis and have vaginal intercourse
I'm gonna pipsy dipsy her so freaking hard, it'll sizzle for a good 3 hours!

can be accompanied with schappappin
by Johnny Eberto August 02, 2009

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pronunciation: (Di-Loj)

a person who has semen, noticeably strewn about their hair
yo look a deloj!

haha that deloj, she got it all ova!

ima turn her into a deloj, just need to aim right!
by Johnny Eberto August 16, 2009

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pronounced: (Krahl-Ti)

completely un-fuckable, when your eyes catch sight of someone who's this, your penis/vagina literally turns itself inside out in sheer fear of having to touch them, you will physically not be able to have sex with them for yoru body will react violently and probably vomit, convulse, and bleed internally.
D: Bruh, she's cralte, if u fuck her, you'll die

J: But im so fucking horny dude, i need some whore to vent it off


J: well .. i don't want to die .. okay i'll head home and masturbate

she's cralte, also a toosy
by Johnny Eberto August 04, 2009

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pronunciation: (meg-a-wap)

meaning virtually awesome, grand, spectacular, extremely interesting and enjoyable
man that band was megawap

he's so megawap, i might marry him!
by Johnny Eberto August 03, 2009

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