100 definition by John Smith

anoying set of twins that live in wisconsin. They often accociate them selves with team jesus and spaz and file harasment constantly.
O great next hour i have the bergsters in my class
by john smith January 16, 2004

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There was this girl named maya, she is a whore
She fucks people over and has no friends
the mf-count means maya friend count and there is usually a 1 or 2 after it because nobody wants to be her friend.
the mf-count is 1 today cause she fucked over her only other friend yesterday.
by John Smith February 22, 2005

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A lot like the word shart, it is when farts but then he poops his pants.
Made popular by the song "Dumpfart" by Keith Barbado.
I was walking down the street and i dumpfarted on a hobo.
by John Smith February 22, 2005

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A small absorbent cotton pad placed in ones underwear over the anal opening in order to catch debris and unwanted particles.

Change pad every 3 hours on heavy days and every 6 on light days.
In order to get rid of the unsightly stains in my underwear, i began wearing nunue pads and am now stain free.
by John Smith March 11, 2004

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a song that comes in all sorts of variations on DDR.

am-3p (303 bassmix)
am-3p (am east mix)
... and more
"I finally beat am-3p in standard mode"

"Stupid n00b"
by John Smith February 26, 2004

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A term generally used to refer to the greatest man alive.

Man i wish i was as cool as dker
by John Smith September 12, 2003

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a word used to descripe spinner, the creator of planetarion.
...the ever dress-wearing spinner.

Spinner is dress-wearing.
by John Smith August 18, 2003

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