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You're right. You probably won't need it in your career flipping burgers or giving BJ's for money.
I use math everyday calculating various stresses that might affect new part designs for my 100,000$ job.

Now to hit the drive through, where math IS useless!
by Joejitsu101 April 15, 2014
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A situation in which a person has so little support, that they pretty much stop caring about everyone around them and take what they damn well please.
Joe: "I tried getting my teammates involved, but they were so god awful I said screw it and went back to my Cleveland Days."

Francis: "Did you guys win?"

Joe: "Yeah"

Francis: "Were your teammates pissed?"

Joe: "Who the fuck cares?"
by Joejitsu101 June 09, 2013
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Basically, the granddaddy of all equations across all spectrums of mathematics. If you can manipulate polynomials, you can represent almost all mathematical functions graphically.

Also, to clarify the butthurt definition given ahead of me, polynomials actually are not useless in real life. And they are used for much more than the 6th grade application given. Granted, said definer probably didn't use them much in his career flipping burgers.

The form of a polynomial is as follows: Given k is a positive integer, and C is a real number coefficient, and "a" is the value of x defined as the "center" of the polynomial...

A polynomial expression can be expressed by C(x-a)^k.

Expression will be k+1 terms long, each k one integer less until k = 0.

Example: k=3, a=0, C0=100,C1=1,C2=2, C3=3

3(x)^3 + 2(x)^2 + 1(x)^1 + 100(x)^0

All polynomials can be expressed in this manner. Note that a cleaner way to express polynomials is through series, but I don't know how to type that correctly.
FUN FACT 1) The idea of "imaginary" numbers stems from trying to factor polynomials of k>2.

It is a tedious process to find these imaginary roots, but to see this, you can plug in any cubic (k=3) to a graphing calculator. It will cross the X-axis twice, but, since it has a degree 3(k=3), it MUST have three roots. Therefore, it will have two "real" roots, and one "imaginary" root. Imaginary numbers have obscure use in high level electrical application.

FUN FACT 2) Any function... ANY FUNCTION (e^x, ln(x), sin(x)....) can be estimated using a polynomial function. The higher the degree(k), the more accurate the estimation will be.

This is can be done using whats called a "Taylor Approximation".

It is really simple too, if you know what a derivative is, and how to take it. To get the Taylor Approximation, use the formula:

f^k(x) (Take the kth derivative)

This will give you C, and bam, you have your polynomial to whatever k you want.

If you want to show up your high school math teacher, you can use this to solve easier equations instead of dealing with stupid functions like arctan(x). Highschool teachers are not required to take Calculus II, and that is where this simple formula is taught.
by Joejitsu101 April 07, 2014
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Prison style fighting technique. Essentially, picking up your opponent by both legs and dumping them straight back onto their head.
Did you see Raquise crack that guys skull the other day? Dump game strong af
by Joejitsu101 August 23, 2019
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In the college world, many honors students get financial aid through what is called a "work scholarship".

This is, for all intents and purposes, indentured servitude.

The work itself is almost always menial and meaningless, and it is easier to schedule an interview with manti te'o's girlfriend than it is to find out how much the scholarship is actually worth. But rest assured, you will never see a dime of your "wages".

Also,if you come up short of the 75 required work hours in the semester, prepare to have your balls lopped off.
Person 1: "Did you get in to that college?"

Person 2: "Yeah, and I got offered a work scholarship!"

Person 1: "I thought indentured servitude was illegal?"
by Joejitsu101 February 16, 2014
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