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A short (~80-150 words) text selected or composed to evoke a longer text. Evocatexts do not aim to summarise the longer text as a whole, but to represent the most memorable parts of it to enable later recall by digital searching. An evocatext would aim to reproduce the parts of the text that were, for example, funny or sexy or violent or grotesque (because that kind of stuff is more memorable).
"Yeah, he's got a really nice collection of tagged public bookmarks, each with a high quality evocatext to assist later recall."
by Jockie McBeezer May 24, 2014
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In academic publishing, the least publishable unit (LPU), also smallest publishable unit (SPU) or minimum publishable unit (MPU), colloquially "publon" - the smallest measurable quantum of publication, is the minimum amount of information that can generate a publication in a peer-reviewed journal.
My doctoral thesis yielded half a dozen publons, but the citation classic came in my second post-doc year.
by Jockie McBeezer May 24, 2014
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