18 definitions by Joanne

A large person
Kev's just a big circle with a pint in his hand.
by Joanne July 22, 2003
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Signal red lipstick with no moisturising ingredient whatsoever. Sand Beige (i.e bright orange in colour) 'pressed powder'.
Joanne's lipstick, Joanne's signal red skirt & Janine and Emma's faviorite market stall in Bury.
by Joanne July 22, 2003
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In built i.e. running through the person like black pool rock.
Kev Mahon asking Sherrelle for a blow job - it's inbuilt in him.
by Joanne July 22, 2003
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a sexii japanese boi dat loves orange. he's the type that comes over to you with hot chocolate and a blanket when it's cold. sometimes just wants time to spend with you and like to listen. talented in every way, self taught piano, noes how to play the guitar and the trumpet. I love you!
"i'll do anything for you"
by joanne February 26, 2005
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likes to jump off tall things, i used to think he could be a lylo as in beach lylo, he scares people by eating toothpaste and his nurse theories...
lylo... as in marc
by joanne April 24, 2003
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From the Macquarie Dictionary
adjective 1. exhibitionistic; flashy. 2. vulgar. from Cockney slang
lairy wise, knowing, awake up
"What a lairy pad."
by JoAnne December 23, 2002
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another face with mouth open
what the heck is she doing -0-
by joanne April 24, 2005
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