7 definitions by Jimnycrackcorn

A die hard Trump supporter who believes anything Trump says regardless of proof that he is lying.
Check out the Trumpfulupigus, he actually believes Trump's father was born in Germany when his birth certificate says he was born in New York!
by Jimnycrackcorn April 16, 2019
A person who over reacts and defends any criticism of Trump or the circus he has created.
I wouldn't mention anything to the Trumpgina or we will have to deal with the pissing and moaning the rest of the day.
by Jimnycrackcorn April 17, 2019
When u go down on a women and use your fingers in place of the tongue because you don't like to eat pussy.
Ray was saying last night he used the fauxtongue, because he had bad pussy in the past.
by Jimnycrackcorn August 14, 2019
A person who looks busy while the boss is around but does little to nothing otherwise.
Here comes Masternater, looking busy again, at least till the boss leaves.
by Jimnycrackcorn April 15, 2019
When u try to say something and u loose your train of thought looking like a complete idiot.
I would like a bacon burger with cheese and some tots and cherry limeade please.

Sir, this is Pizza heaven and we do not sell burgers, tots, or cherry limeade. Seems u are "Dumfunkt" at the moment.
by Jimnycrackcorn April 15, 2019
A person who trys to act smart, but oniy looks dumber the more they speak.
Check out Nurlin, he said the blinker fluid is low!
by Jimnycrackcorn April 14, 2019
A friend that uses your stuff, eats your food and gives your alcohol away with no remorse or apologies.
Can u believe that Big Fat Tony ate my tots and gave away my Jeager and didn't even ask if I wanted a bomb! Dick!
by Jimnycrackcorn April 27, 2019