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Ieko is derived from the term, Jesus. Which in fact, means "The Allmighty One". One who is ieko is the greatest. Nothing can be placed above someone who is ieko.
Wow... That guy is hella ieko
by Jimmy Dean March 08, 2005
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A girl who gets so wet her vaginal secretions run down her leg.
Man that girl was so wet it was like she had a lake in her pussy.
by Jimmy Dean May 03, 2003
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An amazing emotional hardcore band. There is no other band like beloved. and their will never be.

too bad beloved has now broken up.
Lasheka: have you heard that beloved is breaking up?
jimmy dean: are you serious nigga! I haven't heard of it yet.
Lasheka: yup..joe musten their screamer and drum player doesn't want to continue in music anymore. and so the rest of beloved decided to end beloved.
Jimmy dean: that really sucks...beloved is amazing. I was looking forward to their sophomore release. and now its over.
Lasheka: I cant believe this is happening! Im officially depressed...
by jimmy dean December 12, 2004
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An orgasm arrived at soley by the stimulation of the grundle.
Her grundle throbbed as she had a grundlegasm.
by Jimmy Dean May 16, 2004
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Oral stimulation of the grundle.
The lovers gave eachother grundle schnacks because they were bored of the missionary position.
by Jimmy Dean May 16, 2004
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1. shoot a load
2. fire a high-speed stream in someones face
I blastizzled on your moms face, and your dad licked it off.
by jimmy dean November 20, 2003
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Means to ruin through subversive influence. Most often done by kids from the wrong side of the tracks to rich kids whose parents are getting a divorce.
"He quit the tennis team and didnt get into Harvard?"
"Yeah his new friend Bainanized him."
by Jimmy dean April 15, 2004
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