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Oak Cliff, located in Southwestern area of Dallas, TX (also known as The OC, O.C.T., and The Cliff). It's famous for it's regular local news coverage due to violent crimes and acts of poverty, but this is a huge misrepresentation. While there are parts of Oak Cliff where looking at the wrong person in the wrong way will get you beat up, stabbed, or shot, overall it's an okay place to live.
"Oak Cliff n*gga, that's my hood. Put it in his face, get that sh*t understood. This ain't what ya boy, tellin ya you'll get hud. (Why?) Cause, Oak Cliff n*gga, that's my hood." - Young Nino
by Jesus Juuce December 07, 2005
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Please see Oak Cliff.
Outta Control, TX, Oak Cliff, The OC, The Cliff, The OCT
by Jesus Juuce December 07, 2005
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1)An affirmation used to express one's own "down for whatever" attitude.

2)A greeting.
Gentleman #1: Ay bro, I'm bout to head out to the club tonight and get up on these hoes. You rollin'?
Gentleman #2: Shiiiit, w'sup wit it?

Gentleman #1: Hello sir, good day to you.
Gentleman #1: W'sup wit it?
by Jesus Juuce December 05, 2005
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