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Pablo San Blaz (https://www.facebook.com/pablo.sanblaz#!/) does virtual images called e-paintings!
by Jesus Chameleon September 7, 2011
website/Web site/web site/or, site
Today, I visited the webby of One Direction as well as the webby of The Wanted and found that both bands are boy bands/boybands from the United Kingdom!
by Jesus Chameleon July 17, 2012
An alternative usage for the word "YouTube"---possibly of British origin.
Louis Tomlinson of the British boy band/boyband 1D massively embraces the use of "youtubes/YouTubes" to promote his band's viddies.
by Jesus Chameleon October 20, 2012
an especially cool friend; friend (used by Chamoru men)
My pari and I went to a bar for some drinks!
by Jesus Chameleon August 8, 2011
A "follow back" is a return favor to follow someone who has followed you on Twitters.
One is going to "follow back/followback/fb/FB (#follow back/#follwback/#fb/#FB)" anybody who follows @E.G.PersonB! RT one when done and one will know!
by Jesus Chameleon October 28, 2012
massively (adj.)

A word that is the equivalent of the phrase "requires very much ponder" or, "requires an extreme degree of thought"---possibly of British origin---used as an adjective. In particular, it is used at the end of a sentence as somewhat of an afterthought preceded and followed by an ellipsis (...) said in a room with people present. This is not the letter ending and indicates that the speaker is trying to describe something too huge to express in mere words.
One loves the webby of BBCR1...Massively....
by Jesus Chameleon October 22, 2012
Pablo San Blaz wanted 1D lad, Niall, to conversate the dweeb to burn the viddy of me!
by Jesus Chameleon July 20, 2012