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the best ndn food on the planet

Waiter at an Indian Restuarant: What will you be having tonight?
You: Naan and Chicken Tikka Masala
Waiter: Best choice ever made
by Jerry Boi November 10, 2007

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Almost every chick on the game site pogo.com.

You'll never see they're face, but they'll look to get w/ any guys. Always common in any Checkers room, High Stakes Pool, and well..anywhere on that site. They all ugly poho's.

RapMasterG2003 - Common in Pogo High Stakes Pool Cuthroat Beg Room 001. He's a man poho. You can call him rapemaster.

Man Poho: Heyy wanna get a private tbl?
Rare Not Poho girl: No!
Man Poho: (asks the nxt available chick until he finds a poho)
by Jerry Boi December 09, 2006

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common mispelling for rape master

There's no such thing. A retard can't master poetry. they can only attempt. Hence the infamous saying,

R - Retards
A - Attempting
P - Poetry
RapemasterG20031: Hey
Smart person: dude u spelled ur s/n wrong. You ain't a rap master you hit on everyy chick, you're a rape master.
by Jerry Boi December 12, 2006

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when your wearing something preppy, gangsta and rockerish.
You wear a preppy shirt
rele Baggy shorts gangsta
and Conversesrocker

that's a "prepockster" outfit
by Jerry Boi August 19, 2007

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to get fired for making racist/sexist comments
Guy#1: I just got fired for calling a girl a ho
Guy#2: dude u jes got imus'ed
by Jerry Boi April 17, 2007

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old fashioned word used to describe cops. Sometimes used instead of the word officer.
Yo y u stoppin me Dick Dennis?
Yo my friend works in the police department, yea he's a dick.
by Jerry Boi November 10, 2006

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Some pretty bad music. Usually about illegal stuff. Sex, Drugs,and other bad stuff. Talk so fast that you cannot understand them. Rappers usually try ta be cool when they aint n wear way to much "ice" as some say but u can jes call it shitty jewelry.
i don't like peice's of crap so i don't listen to rap.

cRAP...its a piece of crap! literally
by Jerry Boi August 15, 2006

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