59 definitions by Jeff D

1) a guy that spends a lot of time going down on a woman - ie- has an "extended stay"

2) Slang for - MAN that's not HUNG and is AN-GRY about it

3) A generally lousy "TV Dinner"
He is obviously a hungryman because he has tacochin from an extended stay.
by Jeff D April 21, 2003
When someone is selfishly concerned with their own orgasm and ignores the other persons needs.
Evan always got a lot of girls to sleep with him, but not for long because he would always come too fast and ignorgasm them.
by Jeff D July 22, 2005
Samantha started to lickle Mandy and made her laugh.
by Jeff D September 3, 2005
An apology that is crap.
No one wants an insincere crapology.
by Jeff D November 11, 2005
1) Slang term for Vagina.

2) any orifice one might use to park his cock.
I made her pussy my Cockgarage last night until I shot my "Mushroom Cloud" on her "Double Stuffed Oreo's"
by Jeff D April 21, 2003
Synonym for ridiculous and/or ricockulous. 1: Deserving or inspiring ridicule; absurd, preposterous, silly. 2: Completely devoid of wisdom or good sense.
It's completely riprickulous that urban thumb is so common here, but not at all surprising.
by Jeff D October 21, 2005
A very rare find - A pussy(cunt) that's super tight like an anus(ass).
That girl was so damn tight she had a cuntass! The ideal kind of Slunthore indeed.
by Jeff D September 8, 2005