4 definitions by Jed Fearon

Adjective: Fear of being poked and/or having any type of foreign object inserted into the rectal area.
Most straight prisoners avoid bending over in a crowded shower because they are pokophobic.
by Jed Fearon February 10, 2009
Impressive arsenal of vocabulary resulting from extended hours spent reading while sitting on the toilet.
Sylvester Stallone probably spends way too much time reading on the toilet which starts to explain why his lexican is overloaded with so many big words.
by Jed Fearon March 26, 2009
Self-serving, motivational call to action regardless of the long-term consequences.
Sure you may get pregnant if I neglect to use a condom, but come on, let's make history!
by Jed Fearon November 5, 2008
Noun: A condition that exists when a person thinks way too highly of themselves.
Donald Trump's confidence is so off the charts he appears to have a self-esteem surplus.
by Jed Fearon January 19, 2009