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A derogatory term directed at bands/music artists that have become popular through MySpace. Usually, the bands will have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of friends on their MySpace account. In addition, these bands usually have #1 albums in the Billboard charts.
Person A: So, what do you think of Panic! At The Disco's new album? I think that it's the best rock album that I've listened to in a long time!

Person B: Panic! is not rock, it's MySpace noise. Listen to some real music for a change.
by JasonMath December 06, 2006
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A word used by the media to describe the revival of electronic music in popularity in the mid to late 1990's. Specifically, it referred to electronic music with a sound influenced by rock (with live drums instead of electronically produced percussion) and a little bit of hip-hop (mainly breaks/samples). This style, while called electronica by the mass media, became known as Big Beat (which I will use to describe "electronica" from now on in the definition) by many others, and it included subgenres such as Chemical Breaks and Funky Breaks, too. Big Beat eventually fell out of fashion, mainly its focus on breaks made it unoriginal; there were only a few dozen breaks that producers used, so it became repetitive.

However, some of the people making big beat back during it's heyday are still producing this type of music, most notably The Chemical Brothers, who won the Grammy award for best electronic/dance album in 2006 (for the album "Push The Button").
Person A: Did you listen to that new Fatboy Slim album? That was some great electronica!

Person B: It's big beat, not electronica. (Person B walks away from Person A and sighs.) Stupid media.

Examples of big beat groups: Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method, The Prodigy (starting in 1997)
by JasonMath February 13, 2007
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A slang term for the In The Groove song Pandemonium, composed by ZiGZaG. The song is very hard, having an 13-block stepchart on expert and a 11-block stepchart on hard.
Person 1: I FINALLY passed Pandy expert with a C.
Person 2: Oh yeah? I got a star on VerTex expert! Beat that!
Person 1: Man, I have to improve.
by JasonMath October 19, 2006
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The U.S. unit of the Japanese company Bandai Visual. Bandai Visual produces anime for the Japanese market. While some of the titles that Bandai Visual USA has brought over are classics (e.g. Gunbuster, The Wings Of Honneamise), they greatly overcharge for their products. Their pricing scheme assumes that American customers and Japanese customers will spend the same amount of money on anime. However, while Japanese customers are used to paying $50 for 2 episodes of anime (from a TV series; OVA's are even more expensive), American customers are used to paying $25-$30 for 4-5 episodes of anime (and even less than that for box sets). In addition, their DVD's are sub-only (no English dubs), and very little or no extra features. Finally, while some of their DVD's are high-definition (Blu-Ray/HD-DVD), they charge even more for those.
Some properties licensed by Bandai Visual USA include:

Freedom (OVA)
Gunbuster & Gunbuster 2
Super Robot Wars OG
The Wings Of Honneamise (movie)

Otaku 1: I just bought the first DVD of Freedom for $40 and a HD-DVD of the Wings of Honneamise for $80!
Otaku 2: Do you realize how stupid you are?!? The DVD for Freedom contains only ONE 25-minute episode, and you shouldn't be paying more than $40 for an HD-DVD movie! Baka! (Japanese for idiot)
Otaku 2: (hits Otaku 1 on the head with a giant stick)
by JasonMath December 17, 2007
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Players on a basketball team that are very tall. This term usually applies to centers or the "5" (who can easily be at least 7'0" tall) but can also apply to power forwards (also called the "4") or forward-centers (combination power-forwards/centers).
College Basketball fan #1: I can't believe that the coach keeps on using a 4-guard rotation! Our opponents have an 80% field goal percentage from inside the arc, and the team has absolutely no inside presence! In other words, if the team can't hit at least 50% of their 3-pointers, they will almost always lose, even at home.

College Basketball fan #2: We really need more big men. Tell Coach J to recruit some power forwards and centers instead of filling 4 out of the 5 new yearly spots with point guards and shooting guards.
by JasonMath March 29, 2008
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A hard song in the video game In The Groove, rated as 12 blocks on expert. The composer is Smiley, a pseudonym of Kyle Ward, the main music composer of the In The Groove series. The stepchart features many 16th note runs near the end of the song. The BPM is 163, though it briefly increases to 279.5 during the middle of the song.
Those 16th note runs near the end of Delirium killed me!
by JasonMath October 18, 2006
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a) A very hard song in the video game In The Groove. The song's author is KaW feat. Smiley, which is a pseudonym for Kyle Ward, the main music composer for the In The Groove video game series. The hard chart isn't too bad, being rated as a 9-block, but the expert chart is extremely difficult. Despite it's relatively slow speed for its difficulty (140 BPM (with a short section at 70 BPM) and a 12-block chart), it's pretty nasty. The expert chart is notorious for it's 32nd-note drills (over 18 steps per second) that pop up rather frequently. During the slow section, the song doesn't let up, giving you 64th note drills.

b) The feeling that you get when you get a good score on Euphoria.
a) Person A: I can't believe that Dave full-comboed Euphoria expert!
Person B: I can pass it, but I always lose my combo at those drills!

b) Dave: I'm so glad that I full-comboed Euphoria; in fact, I'm in pure euphoria right now!!!
by JasonMath December 03, 2006
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