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every man's dream
Billy Bob's only desire before he passed away, was to participate in a threesome.
by Jason W June 12, 2003

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Fat Upper Pussy Area
She is hot, but she has some serious FUPA
by Jason W August 13, 2003

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I had hoped you would not come back.

Converse: wb (welcome back)
*** Pugnusferreus has left the chat (Ping Timeout)
*** Pugnusferreus has joined the chat
<Andrew> ihhywncb Pugnusferreus
by Jason W June 30, 2005

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the fat on a girls back where her bra is cutting into it.
Look at the chunder on her!
by jason w August 18, 2003

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One woman'schildren with a multitude of fathers. The mother doesn't even know who the fathers are.
She has kids. Oh, who is their dad? No dad, those are BeBe's Kids
by Jason W August 14, 2003

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