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A German Industrial One-Man-Band founded by Sascha Mario "NeuroticFish" Klein. He's somewhat of an underground celebrity in the underground goth and rave scenes.
"Music for a Paranormal Life" by NeuroticFish is an awesome song.
by Jason Swindler September 12, 2006
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Lead singer and frontman for the goth band "The Sisters of Mercy". He's referred to by many people in the goth scene as "The Gothfather" even though, to this day, he says he wants nothing to do with the subculture whatsoever. He's known for saying things like: "It's disappointing that so many people have in all seriousness adopted just one of our many one-week-of-stupid-clothes benders". He also notes that, "I'm constantly confronted by representatives of popular culture who are far more goth than we, yet I have only to wear black socks to be stigmatised as the demon overlord."

Despite these comments, Eldritch and the Sisters of Mercy are still known as two of the flagship figures for the goth subculture.
Andrew Eldritch is the lead singer of the Sisters of Mercy.
by Jason Swindler September 12, 2006
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"Event Horizon" was the third film directed by Paul W.S. Anderson after his first two films "Shopping" and "Mortal Kombat."

"Event Horizon" is set in the year 2047 and tells the story of a rescue crew that has been dispatched to retrieve the derelict space-vessle, the "Event Horizon."

After spending time aboard the ship, it's rescuers begin to have hallucinations and other various deleriums. It is later revealed in the movie that the "Event Horizon" was using an inter-deminsional travel device to go to a far corner of the universe, something went horribly wrong and the ship literally went to "hell" and the ship has become a living being bent on using it's rescuers fears to destroy them.

While Event Horizon borrows many elements from classic horror films such as "The Shining" and "Hellraiser" it's story is essentially a much darker and gorier version of Stanis³aw Lem's novel "Solaris."

Event Horizon was panned by critics when it was first released in 1997, but has been steadily gaining appreciation by both movie go-er's and critcs since then due to it's intricate camera work, special effects, and generally being ahead of it's time.
Event Horizon was Paul W.S. Anderson's best film.
by Jason Swindler November 24, 2006
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