5 definitions by James_onthe_Rocks1

The term used to forgive someone or accept something someone did to you accidentally or in error.
After John apologized to Nancy for accidentally kissing her identical twin sister, Nancy replied, "Namastake".
by James_onthe_Rocks1 February 26, 2014
The act of humiliating oneself via electronic- or social-media.
I was so e-mbarrassed when I accidentally sexted my Mom!
by James_onthe_Rocks1 September 10, 2013
A small to medium sized domestic cat that when sleeping in the bed with its owner takes up 75% or more of the mattress area.
This horizontal chihuahua is a total bed pig.
by James_onthe_Rocks1 January 10, 2018
Falling asleep the exact moment one is asked to exert effort in assistance of others.
Just as I asked my husband to change the baby's dirty diaper, he had an acute attack of elective narcolepsy.
by James_onthe_Rocks1 July 28, 2013
Just as "normcore" is the desire to fit in and/or not stand out fashionably, "nomcore" is a way of eating that does not distinguish one's self from mainstream food.
He used to be a foodie, but now he's all nomcore and only eats Hamburger Helper and delivery pizza.
by James_onthe_Rocks1 May 20, 2014