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Refers to the vintage 1970-1980 Cadillac series. The rear windows had a diamond shape.
(I wanna...) Diamond in the back, sunroof top, diggin the scene with a gangsta lean
by James. June 24, 2004

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Verb 1. Derived from the discovery of pimps smoking spliffs etc using tongs so as not to contaminate them with finger prints. A way of smoking.

Verb 2. To smoke anything other than a cigarette.


Adj 1. When one is intoxicated by any substance.


Verb 1. Smoking/drinking.

Adj 2. Someone acting in an irregular manner. Crazy, off the wall.

Adj 3. Something trippy or incredible. You approve of it.
"Ah bruv come let's tongs."
"Ah I'm proper tongsed as well"
"Oi bruv is we tongsin' tonight?"
"Jokes! Dis bre's tongsin'!"
"Tongs it bruv!"
by James. December 08, 2004

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The party commemorating Miguel "Baby" Ochoa's life.
Aye, Did you go to babyfest this saturday?
by James. April 05, 2005

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See definition for "Tongs" and use "Bongs" where appropriate. A more extreme version of Tongs.
"Ah Bongs it bruv!" "Oi dis choon is bongsin'!"
by James. February 03, 2005

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Another lame attempt by white people and fading rap stars by replacing the letter "f" with the similar sounding "ph".
Fat --------> Phat
Funk -------> Phunk
Fuck -------> Phuck
by James. June 08, 2005

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