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the act of getting a wierd head accompanied by really strange, almost unbelievable events or mishaps.
I went golfing with some people and I ended up getting tall chiefed off a few beers. The next thing I new I was driving the golf cart into a ravine.
by jakes May 20, 2004

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Above mankind, most likely a God.
Woah man, my dream is to become an Helreyzer and be able to make energy balls coming from my ass.
by Jakes July 07, 2003

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The metaphorical bus that is ridden whenever someone has royally screwed up and is struggling to complete even a simple task
The poor guy was riding the strugglebus after chugging half a gallon of milk in 10 minutes
by JakeS April 25, 2016

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A rare rowing disorder where the rower experiences an overly tight grip during the drive. Symptoms include forearm pain and inability to scull.
His jonnyboy disorder kept him from sculling.
by JakeS September 16, 2015

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