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A person who refuses, by any means, to attempt to understand furry or the furry fandom as a whole. These people commonly hang out on provided forums mostly in a bad attempt to make the members of the furry fandom angry or to cause problems in general with said group. Such "furry haters" generally have nothing better to do and hang out on any forum they can get their hands on for the sole purpose of spreading their drivel and to get others who know nothing of the furry fandom to hate the group. Furry haters generally resort to childish insults and games just to induce a reaction. Nothing can be said to change their minds at all. Some of the worst furry haters come from the furry fandom itself as they have been burned in some way (see burned fur).
This furry hater constantly makes posts in a forum that are hateful towards furries.
by JAFO May 17, 2004
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A member or ex-member of the furry fandom who has been burned in some severe way. Usually this is a result of some event or other portion of the fandom that has offended them enough that they feel their viewpoint of what the fandom should be is correct. They are passionate in their views and usually attempt to speak out strongly against whatever they feel is against their moral statutes. They see the furry fandom has acquired an ugly front and seek to remedy this and make the fandom more "family friendly" by removing all the "bizarre" or possibly illegal portions of the fandom from the public eye, or altogether entirely.
That guy over there is protesting against indecent furry art, but he is dressed like a cat; he must be a burned fur.
by JAFO May 17, 2004
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that means im the one only that can fuck so good that you wil never forget
by jafo September 16, 2003
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taken a shit
I'll be right back, I gotta "throw the jacks down".
by Jafo June 19, 2004
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To make definite plans to meet with someone. As in writing your name in an appointment book.
I'm free Thursday afternoon, so I'll pencil you in.
by jafo May 19, 2004
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