18 definitions by Jackson Monilium

This is the original kingdom of the continent of America form the beginning of time.
The people speak Chatah language which is almost extinct and live by the culture and tradition of the kingdom which is also their legal system.
The Chatah kingdom girl.
The Chatah kingdom Royal Eminent HildaHvshki has arrived.
by Jackson Monilium February 12, 2021
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Kel is a chatah word for The Man.
My Kel is Hungary . Kel where have you been?
by Jackson Monilium February 12, 2021
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This is The title for the Royal Eminent of the Chatah kingdom in the continent of America who is a female .
The Royal Eminent HildaHvshki is here.
The Royal Eminent HildaHvshki will eat now.
by Jackson Monilium February 12, 2021
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This is a gospel company that have sectors such as church called Living Faith Ministries Intn Church AKA Winner's chapel, the education sector with primary and secondary Schools and also Universities and finally The Humanitarian sector which help the society live better by meeting needs best possible ways.

And there will be more sectors in the future.
Living Faith Ministries International is Illuminati owned.
Living Faith Ministries Intn a gospel company.
Living Faith Ministries International is a good place to be.
by Jackson Monilium March 2, 2021
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This is the first and formal / official language of the Chatah kingdom-The continent of America, The identity of the people of the continent of America- Redindians /The Chatah kingdom later known as Latinos .
The man is Chatah .
Does he speak Chatah ? .
It was a Chatah wedding.
by Jackson Monilium February 14, 2021
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her name is Perpetua-Felicidad , it is sometimes written as Perpetua-Felicity , and addressed as Michael Jackson HildaHvshki .
She is also known in the entertainment industry and chatainment as Jackson Monilium . She got married to MJ in 1985 Nov 9, and they are still married.

She is the only real wife of Michael Joseph Jackson.
Michael Joseph Jackson's wife is very intelligent.
Michael Jackson's wife is very rich.
Michael Jackson's wife is a real life Royalty.
by Jackson Monilium February 15, 2021
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This is a Chatah word for illuminated.

This is the Christianity of the Americans - Chatah kingdom /Redindians, it was taken from the Oldest Bible, HERBREW 10 VERSES 32 That believes that Jesus Christ is the only son of God, he was crucified to give us salvation - Illuminati And was risen on the third day to give us the joy of salvation and have gone to prepare a place for believers in Heaven his father's throne is.

This is also the culture, tradition and the legal system of America.
I am Illuminati Christian.
Illuminati rules the world.
Illuminati saved us all.
by Jackson Monilium February 14, 2021
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