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To be the scariest person on earth. People respect your power, but cower in your rage.

To bear an extreme resemblance to HeMan.
Person #1 - Why are you running man?
Person #2 - Dude! I gotta put on my diapers, H Man cometh and I'm about to void, void, void my pants.
by JZMEL September 05, 2008

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To repeatedly stroke one's pud while continuing to act in a sad mood. In other words to be poopy.

Can also be used to describe someone acting different than normal.
Person #1 - What did you do last night?
Person #2 - You know I was in a bad mood, but I still pudwhacked the shit out of myself.

Larry was acting like a little bitch in front of his girlfiend, so I gave him a hot carl and called him a pudwhacker.
by JZMEL September 05, 2008

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