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People who are so obsessed with their Apple products that they always have to shove it in your face. They always refer to their cell phone as their iphone and their lap top as their Mac. They might as well worship Steve Jobs as the savior of their pompous race.
I don't know how to get to the Olive Garden.
Oh don't worry, I'll just look up directions on my iPhone.
Get out of my car.
I don't associate with iPeople

You know if you had a Mac, you wouldn't get viruses.
by JMoneyThaIllest August 10, 2010

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Incessant facebook status updating daily, or in extreme cases hourly. Those who statusize use facebook as his or her own personal diary, documenting every waking thought down to the most mundane detail. The invention of Twitter was the single greatest moment in a statusizer's life.
My iphone just died. I guess I'm done statusizing for the day.... Uggghhh!"
by JMoneyThaIllest June 17, 2011

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A situation that very few people would wish to be in. It may begin with a person being laid off by his or her employer, but is not necessary. It then involves an excessive amount of syrup sippin followed by a run in with the law.
Yo what's Chris up to tonight?
Oh man you didn't hear? Chris was doin the JaMarcus Russell
Damn, s*@t's weak
by JMoneyThaIllest August 13, 2010

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