10 definitions by JMC

Someone who is ace enough to play on xbox live obviously.
Damn CrapCorn, you are one mother fucker good liver.
by JMC November 15, 2004
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What you say after the fire crotch throws the dice betting all your money and losing. Alt - what you say after that cute librarian turns into a dominatrix.
by JMC October 14, 2002
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To spunk in someone's hair during the night. When they wake up, their hair will have the consistency of wonton noodles.
These wonton noodles taste funny.
by JMC October 15, 2002
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A type of maze that people draw. It it impossible to solve and is created for the amusement of the drawer. It involves a start block, tubes, boingies, and various weapons and deaths.
I just made a danger maze. Wanna try it?
by JMC June 9, 2003
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What a woman gets when you try to give her a pearl necklace, but aim too high. Usually worn with pearl brow rings, pearl liprings, pearl earrings.
by JMC October 16, 2002
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When you spunk in someone's eye.
I was going for the moneyshot, but i sliced it and she was crying pearl tears.
by JMC October 16, 2002
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The sacrum. That is, the small indent above the ass crack. The parmesan holder gathers parmesan, which can be lint or other extraneous matter.
His parmesan holder was pack full of stinky parmesan.
by JMC December 8, 2003
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