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When a individual or group of individuals use "Facebook friends" to find unsuspecting targets for conversation and flirting, but never actually plan on being in a relationship with them. Most look attractive in their profile pic, but only after hours of editing
John: Brian this really cute girl added me yesterday and commented on my pics, she's into me.

Brian: That's wassup man.

4 Weeks Later

John: Do you know that hoe won't answer me in a message or im, and I saw her at this concert and she had ant hills all over her face.

Brian: Really? Sucks man

1 hour later

*John has 20 mutual friends with Kiersten*

Ryan: Hey john you see that hot chick commenting my pics

John: OMG, that Facebook Flirt !
by J|C July 14, 2010
While you are in the middle of something, and get tired of it and take it upon yourself to crash it
the Swagger Wagon video on youtube at around 2:05-2:08
Thats how to Fuck The Tea Party
by J|C May 6, 2010
To Make A Scene in order to gain attention. Like the balloon boy incident that occurred 10/15/09.
News Journalist: So why did you stay in the closet when everyone was looking for you?

Dad: (Grime Look)

Balloon Boy: Because I did it for the Show.

Dad: What He Means Is....
by J|C October 16, 2009
The Activities done while committing any act in the trap.
Coined by OJ Da Juiceman while explaining his rapping style.
DJ: Do you consider yourself a lyricist?
OJ: I never came in the game saying I'm the best lyricist... I came in the game with Traptivity. But vocabulary is important.
DJ:Well you Definitely introduced me to some new vocabulary
by J|C October 25, 2009
To Go From Genius, to a president proclaimed Jackass after a tragic experience.
2004: Kanye West is it. He does it all!!!
2007: Kanye is egotistical, but still a great artist
2008: Mothers tragic Death
2009: Fuck Kanye! He dissed Taylor Swift on live T.V. You don't do that... not to Taylor Swift.
by J|C October 16, 2009
Giving the same response to multiple people, especially when its someones birthday and they don't have time to personally respond to birthday wished
Maria: Happy Birthday !!! (:
John: Thank You!

Dan: Happybirthdaybro
John: Thank You!

Milissa: Happy Born-Day. lol
John: Thank You!
Milissa: What a birthday response
by J|C April 29, 2011