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1. (noun) A person or band that writes amazing lyrics. Self-explanatory.

2. (adj) Used to describe a song or poem with lyrics that are very insightful, rhyme amazingly, or are strikingly good for any other reason.

3. (adj) Used sarcastically to describe a song or band with lyrics so shallow, they deserve compliment.

4. (interjection) A comment made after or during a song, when one is particularly impressed with the lyrics because they related to them or were otherwise affected. Often used with dude, woah, or other drawn-out stonerism.

5. (interjection) A comment made after or during a song that is shallow, repeats one word over and over, changes subject in the middle of a thought, talks about walruses, or is otherwise deserving of notice on how bad it is. Usually accompanied with a sympathy laugh, or when underage drinking, often a gigglegasm.
1. Eminem a total lyrical genius!

2. Pink Floyd's "Eclipse" is lyrical genius!

3. We're listening to Rebecca Black's lyrical genius!!

4. The Who: You were under the impression that when you were walking forward, you'd end up further onward, but it's just not that simple...
Dude: Wooooooooooaaaah! Lyrical GENIUS!!

5. The Beatles: Goo goo g'joob a'goo goo g'joob a goo goo g'joob chucka chucka chucka eh! Oopa, oopa....
Gal: pppppppffffffffffttt!! Lyrical genius!
by Itachi-San April 15, 2011
A Catholic school in San Francisco, CA full of sporty white people who wear paper-thin leggings and Ugg boots every day. They never built a band room in the over 100 years it's been around. It has good academics, and PE is the hardest class most students will ever take.

They are proud of how diverse they are: 35% of students aren't white.

They have batting cages, 2 fields, about 5 tennis courts, a track, and a bunch of sporty stuff. When they hold masses, about half the student body is fried with weed, making the school a notorious Rastafarian hotspot.

SI has a rivalry with Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep, where they pass a trophy called the Bruce-Mahoney. They compete in football, basketball, and baseball. The winner takes home the trophy. The pep band is obliged to play for both schools at these events.

While most SI students are close to unaware that they have a band and orchestra, their chorus is a world-touring, prize-winning enterprise, and their musical is very good and sells out every year.

Most students have strong opinions about Justin Bieber and like either Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, or Harry Potter. There are more unicorns than zombies, cowmen than farmers, democrats than republican, and Don't cares than pirates and ninjas. Facebook is the most popular website, and Mr. Lorentz' is the easiest religion class. Latin is the most boysterous language class, and either Spanish or French is the most popular.
Kid at mall #1:"Hey look, a kid in a polo, leggings, and uggs."
Kid at mall #2:"Must be from Saint Ignatius college prep."
SI Kid: *ignores the riffraff*
by Itachi-San April 15, 2011
A homosexual O. T. O. initiation rite. Since Crowley's death, however, the XI degree has been eliminated.
Guy #1: I heard all occultists are creepy and gey.

Guy #2: No, only the ones who take the XI degree.
by Itachi-San July 25, 2012
What you retort when someone says or does something mean to you.
Person A: I hate the way you always have to wear those socks! And your ugly-ass nose!
Person B: I love you too.


A: *punches B*
B: I love you too. *twich twich*
by Itachi-San September 27, 2009