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When someone named FluffFox says she isn’t a car and you want to prove her otherwise
by It’s Chicken February 6, 2021
When someone keeps flexing their Pokémon to you as if they’ve won millions of dollars from them but in fact it cost them their left kidney because they didn’t leave their Nintendo in like 16 days, their organs are failing them from neglect and the police is looking for their rotten, nearly dead body, its sweaty smell protruding through the layers upon layers of axe deodorant they dared to call a shower.
#1 - Hey there!
#2 - Don’t talk to him, he’s a Pokémon Flexer, he will only flex his Pokémon to you.
by It’s Chicken February 11, 2021
“Faker? I think you’re the fake rogue around here. You’re comparing yourself to me? Hah! You’re not even good enough to be my fake.”

A relatively small YouTube channel that makes content, with 9K subscribers. Refuses to give shoutouts. Always uses Minato Arisato as his pfp. His most popular video is Pokémon Iceberg Explained
Cyndaquil: Do you know TheRogueRenegade?
Carrot: The Real The Rogue The Renegade? Of course I know him! He’s also known as Iceberg boy.
by It’s Chicken February 7, 2021
"The single most awesome supreme leader in history." - Kokichi Himself

He has been revealed to think having a secret (self proclaimed evil) organization in November 2016 and his age is unknown, although he is rumored to be around 16/17.

He was mostly seen running around in a straight jackets and was presumably a

He died (January 12, 2017) while he did an experiment with a friend with the hydraulic press.

It's revealed that Kokichi Ouma has been killed. His murderer is still not found. His friend is the main suspect. Although locals believe it's a suicide

He was known by the locals by once Pulling a Komaeda, thus killing 2 people indirectly in the process.
by It’s Chicken September 1, 2017
YouTubers who make a lot of iceberg videos on YouTube, but refuse to make a magikarp iceberg smh
#1: Hey there iceberg boy! When will there be a magikarp iceberg video?
#2: Never, no one would watch it
by It’s Chicken February 7, 2021
When someone is spitting facts. Can only be used when someone is speaking the truth. If not, you’re a fake fax spitta 📠🗣💦
Someone: You’re spitting so many fax
You: ikr? I’m a real fax spitta
by It’s Chicken February 6, 2021
An insult to describe someone being an idiot, or just a flat out childish insult.


Kaito: Explain yourself to everyone!
Kokichi: I don't want to, stupidhead!
by It’s Chicken September 28, 2017