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Minato Arisato is the main character of Persona 3, a JRPG by Atlus. Minato is designed with dark blue hair, of somewhat short height, and having a light build. He is shown at almost all times with his hands in his pockets (except when holding weapons), standing slightly leaned back. When Minato enters his dorm in the beginning of the game, he is teamed with SEES, a group dedicated to eliminating Shadows, malicious otherwordly entities. As a silent protagonist, he has next to no in-game quotes or phrases.

:end spoiler:
Fangirl: Minato Arisato is SOOOOOO hot! :3
Other fangirl: Minato is SOOOOOOOOOO smexy <3
Random dude: Whos Minato?
Both fangirls: -_- *quadruple facepalm*
by Tiskewl August 29, 2011
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