someone who has no fucking clue about anything.
You are a stupidhead.
by sj0r April 28, 2003
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A person who is usually really stupid. Someone who makes mistakes and doesn't realize it. A person that is clumsy, stupid, or just plain weird. But you know, you can be a stupidhead and still be cool and fun. It just depends.
"Well, he broke up with you, and he also took pictures of himself naked. What a stupidhead."
by Brandage May 21, 2008
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An Insult. A stupid stupidhead is someone who either looks like a stupid stupidhead, or is so stupid they have no clue that they are either acting like a stupid stupidhead or are a stupid stupidhead.
Rob was so bad at Clash Royale that his teammate Jonah called him a stupid stupidhead! Bawk Bawk Ba-KAW!
by TheOGStupidHead January 24, 2020
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An insult to describe someone being an idiot, or just a flat out childish insult.


Kaito: Explain yourself to everyone!
Kokichi: I don't want to, stupidhead!
by It’s Chicken September 28, 2017
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someone you dont like
Blossom form powepruff girls z is a stupid head
"shut up stupidhead"
by Philliphatesblossom March 6, 2015
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