53 definitions by International Bad Boy

an English team that is supposedly based in the SW London area.
Da, nyet, Chelski isz za shite teaam vrom Moskva!
by International Bad Boy February 26, 2005
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UK slang for "best", mostly over the internet
me an me bezzie m8 r goin to get pissed! (Me and my best friend are going to get drunk!)
by International Bad Boy March 27, 2005
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a group of football hooligans, usually made up of 200-300 people, but the best firms have far more than that number.
Millwall, Cardiff City, Stoke City, West Ham, etc.
by International Bad Boy October 26, 2004
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the most common form of hash.
that's the Moroccan black, innit? you gotta be a geek not to know that.

- Ali G
by International Bad Boy July 22, 2005
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short for 'holidays'
yeh, i'm goin on hols. i'll be back in two weeks.
by International Bad Boy August 05, 2004
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da home of Ali G, innit.
I is from da West Staines massive
by International Bad Boy November 28, 2004
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a way for the ultra groups to show their support for a football team. usually accomplished through scarves, huge drapes with logos on it, or through fireworks.
many fanatic supporters display their tifo before the match.
by International Bad Boy September 19, 2004
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