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The flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet that was sunk on April 14, 2022 during the illegal invasion of Ukraine. Despite claims from Russia and people on the internet that the ship was "invincible", only two R-360 "Neptune" anti-ship missiles launched from Ukraine were needed to sink it. In reality, the ship's defensive systems were horribly outdated, and the radar for the ship's S-300F SAMs was apparently unable to see the incoming missiles. It's also worth noting that Moskva was the same ship that was told to "go fuck itself" early in the conflict by Ukrainian forces on Snake Island.
Moskva, once the pride of the Russian Navy, now sits in a watery grave at the bottom of the Black Sea.
by soda drink April 17, 2022
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1. (Noun) The Russian spelling of Moscow, the capital city of Russia.
2. (Verb) To destroy a country's flagship with an anti-ship missile.
China could attempt to send paratroopers onto the island's eastern mountains for a guerrilla advantage, but they can't afford their two aircraft carriers to be Moskva'd by Taiwan.
by Magherra May 16, 2022
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