THIS IS THE REAL DEFINITION. Someone who looks, acts, and maybe hangs out with a gang member. But is not down for shit. Even if they had the chance. (West Coast)
That bitch is a ranker, fuck that mother fucker.
by K-Tone April 11, 2005
Some one that is from a hood or a crue, and gets banged on or hit up(asked what crue or hood they are from) and they dont claim their crue or gang in fear of what they might do knowing they are from that crue gang or hood. Most common reason for ranking is because the person that asked you where youre from is their enemy and they are in fear of their life
Dam did you hear that them fools from BTF ranked it on those fools from GLF down the block what a bunch of rankers
by CptSplding July 17, 2010
Someone who when confronted does not represent their neighborhood, clique, club, or gang.
I heard that ya boy B-dog is a ranker
by athena411 March 20, 2021
Someone who’s is undoubtedly stinky to the point where the others around the stench begin to go into a form of unconsciousness
Mannn that ranker over there has me on my knees gasping for air
by Speedybugle March 5, 2020
A website where people create numbered lists Such as "The Best Bakery Restaurant Chains" and "Famous People Who Stormed Off Stage". The website has no incite to anything and is just a place for the average Joe to create Buzzfeed level lists. The entire website is a mess as nothing works. Personally i consider it a extension of tumblr because everything is so PC.
I am dead, I killed myself due to the cringe of "33 Rick and Morty Memes That All Fans Will Laugh At" on Ranker.
by Hitler fan 420 May 10, 2016
A member of a Fight Club who judges new members and makes sure they don't bite off more than they can chew.

Not present in all Fight Clubs.
Kid, you're not ready to face him, unless you've got a death wish. Start with one of those guys. Trust me, I'm the Ranker.
by Street Fighter King August 29, 2011
A slang term for a cannibis smoking device, usually referred to as a bong.
Hey man let's go for a smoke I got the Ranker
by Rankerman November 26, 2009