5 definitions by Insan1ty_

a very skinny, ugly and tall person with a wig made out of cheetos.
Yo, you see that bloge over there? Pretty ugly.
by Insan1ty_ November 02, 2020
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A bot made for the purpose of making money. (stonks) Has a massive popularity and I myself recommend this if you need some money.
Onion bot gets you tons of money dude!
by Insan1ty_ November 03, 2020
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It can be used for two different things LIKE: telling people to back back to their goat hole or Also known as a penis, dick, shlonk, Willy, wiener, or a pp.
by Insan1ty_ June 17, 2021
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A medium sized tube, about the size of your hand, and as wide as your hand. The tube is made out of raw fish meat, not slimy but soft. You can stick your goathole in it.
Ayo, can I borrow your Isagroatis so I can stick my goathole in it and swish it around?
by Insan1ty_ June 17, 2021
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