Something or someone foul and disgusting. Usually used as a noun however the usage continues to evolve.
"That cheese tastes like goathole!"
"The other day I was walking and I tripped on this goathole."
"Stop being such a goathole!"
by ragingcrinoline June 12, 2006
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It can be used for two different things LIKE: telling people to back back to their goat hole or Also known as a penis, dick, shlonk, Willy, wiener, or a pp.
by Insan1ty_ June 17, 2021
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the imaginary hole found just just behind the kneecap on women. Mainly used for bangin or stuffing your swollen member into
Man im gonna pound her in the goathole!
Man her goathole was blown apart.
Her goathole was rumered to have ripped the balls off of that old man.

Stick your cock her in goathole and youll be as cool as sir thomas.
by johnnySTIX December 01, 2009
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