18 definitions by Im 5280 Tiny

When you own a asshole cat!
You got your self a Cathole
That FuckingCathole shit in my tub! Woke up sleep in my eyes turned on the shower stepped in and had a big surprise. Taking that Catholestraight to the pound today!
by Im 5280 Tiny April 20, 2020
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The person running around knowing they are infected a dont give a shit!
Damn we all got to get tested! Who knew that Joshua was a Rona badger? He thinks if hes gonna die everyone dies.
by Im 5280 Tiny March 19, 2020
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When you are trying to figure out who to shack up with during a quarantine . Who makes the Corona Cut
Dude, Teresa is this little ginger nigga, she cooks and cleans and would wait on me hand and foot. But...Sina...she's a freak, straight nympho in bed but lazy as fuk. Its between these 2 who will make the Corona Cut.
by Im 5280 Tiny March 19, 2020
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Contracted covid 19 and almost died but beat it. Celebrate your health with a on lineCoVictotyparty.
You've been invited to a CoVictory watch party on Facebook for Gina. She comes home today from the hospital. Byob. #Seeyathere
by Im 5280 Tiny April 20, 2020
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RED OR BLOND .......mixed humans. (Carpet matches the curtains). Blond or Red arm and leg hair.Only a true American born Blond and true American born Black can create a true American Born Ginger Nigga! 5280 Tiny
Boy!!!! I ain't red bone.. I'm a ginger Nigga. HIM: WTF? You: Mexican, Whiteacan, African and every body can....ReD Bone. Only true American Blond and American Black can make Ginger Niggas!
by Im 5280 Tiny October 06, 2017
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When the weight of marijuana goes down and the price goes up.
BUDTENDER- For the same price you can get a regular pound of generic dirt weed and yes that is the name.of the stran for $1,000 or. Pandemic.pound of The Ghost of Leroy .

Patron - You would think since im already having.to pay corona tax on this ish it could at least weigh straight.

Silent stare

Ill take TGOL please. At least our State deemed this a living essential. So I guess its worth the pandemic pound🤷 ♀️
by Im 5280 Tiny April 03, 2020
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The chick that made the Corona Cut.
I BB take you Tiny as my only pandemic wife to netflex and chill and keeping it real till the end quarantine time.
by Im 5280 Tiny March 19, 2020
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