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A home run hit by Major League Baseball Centerfielder and World Series 2017 MVP, George Springer of the Houston Astros.
George hit a monster 448-foot "Springer Dinger" in Game 5 to tie up the game in the seventh inning.
by Ihateyoumostest November 02, 2017
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A fucking waste of skin. The most horrible woman you will ever meet. She is a fun person to get drunk with and sport fuck, but never fall for her, she is the devil.
Kenna will tell you she loves you, when she only loves herself.
by Ihateyoumostest July 02, 2011
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A self absorbed, entitled, sawed-off little bitch who will drive you fucking insane. Someone who fears commitment and will risk nothing to be in love. A Regan possesses physical features of Downs Syndrome and has hands like a carny.
Regan is a two-faced bitch who will always be miserable.
by Ihateyoumostest July 02, 2011
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