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A great psychobilly band formed in Demark consisting of

Patricia - Upright Bass/Lead Vocals
Nekroman - Guitar/Vocals
Niedermeier - Drums/Vocals
Karsten - Guitar/Vocals
Mille - Go-Go Dancing
Kamilla - Go-Go Dancing

Pick up their debut album "Hell Yeeah!"
Ghouls, they keep me company
It's like I'm the wife of Halloween
Hey! It's a horror movie theme
Hell I know...
by Idiot Paranoia May 8, 2004
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A great punk band from California which sound like the distillers meet the decendents and all that shit in between. Their debut, Slut bomb is out so buy it.
Molly likes her handjobs
and Toby's just a fat slob

They get drunk all day
And fuck their world away
Just like we did

Toby preaches kindness
and Molly's just his mattress

They smoke out all night
To try and to make things right
But that's what she said

That's what she said

Denise don't like needles
When she's face down in the street

But that's the way it goes
When you've sold you're soul
Can't fight your demons

Life's the bottom line
And still you waste your time
But that's what she said

That's what she said
by Idiot Paranoia July 7, 2004
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One of the worst actors ever. He can't act and all his movies/telivision shows have been flops (except that 70s show)
by Idiot Paranoia June 29, 2004
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A canadian sketch show where Canadian hicks do funny/stupid sketches. It's an okay show

If you like it, I recomend Tool Time
by Idiot Paranoia June 27, 2004
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1. Being against "preps".

2. Contributing to social prejudices

3. Hating people who attend prepritory schools.
Being Anti-prep is just another excuse for posers to be "pxnk rawk" and "goffic".
by Idiot Paranoia August 14, 2004
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A band that mixes hip-hop, punk, and funk all in one. They aren't very reconized but are amazing and have a similar sound to Fishbone
One foot in the hole, one foot gettin' deeper,
Crank it to eleven, blow another speaker and
I ain't got, I ain't got much to loose
by Idiot Paranoia July 7, 2004
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A man being sent to his death for something he may of not even done.
There was reasonable doubt. He shouldn't be sentenced to death.
by Idiot Paranoia February 6, 2005
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