A great psychobilly band formed in Demark consisting of

Patricia - Upright Bass/Lead Vocals
Nekroman - Guitar/Vocals
Niedermeier - Drums/Vocals
Karsten - Guitar/Vocals
Mille - Go-Go Dancing
Kamilla - Go-Go Dancing

Pick up their debut album "Hell Yeeah!"
Ghouls, they keep me company
It's like I'm the wife of Halloween
Hey! It's a horror movie theme
Hell I know...
by Idiot Paranoia May 08, 2004
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Females who are heavily into the rockabilly/psychobilly music scenes, and dress and accessorize accordingly. Not intended to be used disparagingly, though sometimes used in that fashion.
Male casual psychobilly fan 1: Damn, how about that sexy pair of horrorpops across the bar at the Tiger Army show the other night?
Male casual psychobilly fan 2: I know dude, but they wouldn't have dug us anyway. We don't have enough tats.
Male casual psychobilly fan 1: Can I not dream?
by robb-a-dobb October 09, 2007
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