one of the suburbs of the lower north shore of sydney, known for "child crushing" four-weel drives, snobbyness, and more german cars per capita than any other town in the world. people who live in mosman are known as mosmanites
fuckin mosmanite cut me off in his BMW
by Bill bob joe September 24, 2005
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Noun. A Nigerian name meaning "Very Funny".

A Handsome Nigerian man who you'll always catch making people laugh. Dark hair colour and Chocolate skin colour. He'll laugh with you at anything. He's creatively talented and Comic. If you come across a Mosman, don't let him go because Mosman is a hard name to find and it would be of your great loss. He's a man that understands more about people and doesn't discriminate. You can trust him with your deepest secrets and feel free to come around him and catch fun.
"Wow, Moses is Mosman"

"He is totally a Mosman"
"His name is MC Mosman"
by MC Mosman February 26, 2017
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The centre of Sydney. The only place in Australia that matters. It is basically a kingdom. Anybody who matters lives in Mosman.
I have to go to Coonamble but I don't want to leave Mosman because it is not a hole.
by DR2003 April 19, 2018
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Mothers in the Mosman suburb in the North Shore of Sydney who wear Lululemon and drive BMW’s.
Person 1: Mosman mums are snobby

Person 2: true
by northshoreprincess September 29, 2018
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n. A licensed premises located above the Mosman Rowing Club, in the affluent northern suburb of Mosman in Sydney, Australia. It is a famous 'pick-up' joint frequented by divorced females aged over 45. The women patrons are usually over-weight, well-worn (ugly and used-up), have dyed blond hair and wear inappropriately tight fitting clothing (borrowed from their 24 year old daughter's wardrobe). The male patrons are all baby boomer types over 50 years old, sporting a grey moustache (or other grey facial hair) and have a massive 'beer-gut' (fat stomachs). These sad creatures usually consume large amounts of alcohol before leaving with someone they have never met for a 5 minute session of 'grey-sex'.
Bill went to the Mosman Rowers to grab a granny. He needed 5 minutes of poor quality 'grey-sex'.
by Ian Grant November 11, 2004
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A wild school in a rich suburb in sydney where the norm is hearing about drugs and which year 7 has their weekly new boyfriend. Full of many eshays and the bathrooms constantly smell like smoke. The canteen food is shit just like the personality of many of the kids. There is a lot of actually good people but they’re most likely on some sort of drug. About half the kids have dyed hair and champion hoodies cuz they think they’re cool. Basically a shit house but all round an alright school.
Oi did you hear Kyle goes to Mosman High School?

Lemme guess he’s an artist or an eshay

by prehistoricweeb November 3, 2019
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A school in a rich suburb where the kids are either eshays, special needs kids, tiktokers, gossip girls, or epic memers.

btw look up "mpskids"
the only thing that makes Mosman public school an ok school is the epic memer kids
by TheOrangePigeon March 24, 2020
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