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The founder of Urban Dictionary. He's probably the best dude in the world (for Urban Dictionary, of course)!!! Aaron Peckham is probably best known for being the founder and owner of the internet website Urban Dictionary, a web-based dictionary that contains millions of definitions of slang terminology. Peckham developed Urban Dictionary as a freshman in college at California Polytechnic State University in 1999.

Born: United States


・ Urban Dictionary

・ Freshest Street Slang Defined

Organization founded: Urban Dictionary

And of course, he's an entrepreneur.
Me: Hi Peckham
Aaron Peckham: HI!!! Do you know Urban Dictionary?
Me: Yes! I 1000000000% LOVE IT!!!
Aaron Peckham: Thanks!
by IamNotTheScratcher12345 July 30, 2020
When you have hundreds of unread mail.
Sorry no examples of unread mail spam
Watch this instead:
removed link
by IamNotTheScratcher12345 September 1, 2021
Ripping a naked girl's piece of s*it/asshole and putting shampoo in it
by IamNotTheScratcher12345 July 28, 2020
When you're overloaded with false studio activity on Scratch
Oh My God I have 1000 messages...
That is studio messages spam lol :P
by IamNotTheScratcher12345 October 7, 2021
A fucking magot
You: That's a faggot
Me: Mind your fucking language boi
by IamNotTheScratcher12345 October 7, 2021
Type your definition here...
Type an example of how it's used in a sentence...WORD!!!
by IamNotTheScratcher12345 July 11, 2020
The best word everyone should say and would say.
by IamNotTheScratcher12345 July 30, 2020