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QWOP is a simple flash game where kids can play, laugh and have fun with while learning the basics about the body and what it is capable of. It's very educating, and it'll make children understand how to run properly when they grow older.

We suggest parents to show this wonderful game to any little girl or boy they may think might want to run the Olympics someday.

The name "QWOP" is from the fact that you only need the keyboard letters Q, W, O and P to play.

(Note: The author of this post has been taking lithium after going in complete depression after playing QWOP. Side effects to this game may not vary. All reactions have been proven the same: an urge to hit a baby, having blue vision, eating their own shit, having uncontrollable periods {both male and female}, listening to static in a bright red room and/or randomly yelling at their neighbor's wall asking for a Twinkie. See a doctor if any child has these symptoms or if they start having other strange behavior after one minute of playing this flash game.)
QWOP is a game Chuck Norris can't even win.
by hyposane December 06, 2010
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A Canadian deathtrap your children would be engulfed in if they ever decide to switch the channel to Teletoon one dreadful night. The fear will encircle their once-innocent eyes as they see diapers skyrocket to the moon in almost every scene. Your child is witnessing subliminal child abuse only the government knows about. This is why Mega Babies' surroundings are almost very top secret-like. Because it secretly is secret. Never let your children or grandparents watch this. They are too stupid and weak to witness babies on steriods throwing shit in each other's faces. The hidden message is that the people running Area 51 are trying to hypnotise your very souls to bring you to your knees and surrender your very blood, so you can sacrifice lives in order to bring big bucks to all Big Brothers. It's a trap, I fucking tell you!
Mega Babies was an awesome show when I was growing up. Look at me today because of it!
by hyposane December 06, 2010
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Anti-Breeze is when someone hates windy days or just basic wind blowing on their face.

People usually hate windy days because it ruins their hair by pushing their bangs back creating a fringe and/or the wind uplifts miniskirts at times. Other reasons vary.

Mostly girls or guys with bangs complain about the wind while others with no bangs don't care.

Some girls envy men who don't have to worry about their hair on windy days since it's short and stays in place. That is why most girls use hairspray or gels to keep most of their hair in place just incase of those vicious days.
Girl: "F*cking hell."
+Girl fixes her bangs+
Girl: "I hate this wind! It ruins my bangs! I look terrible in a fringe! Guys have it easy. I always need to wear a hat."
Witness: "Dude, she's totally Anti-Breeze."
by Hyposane January 10, 2010
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(self-e-on *or* self-e-in)

Selfish and opinion put together. (self = selfish, ion = opinion)

Selfions are people who mostly go on forums and hang out in general topics such as music, art, books, basic interests and/or disinterests.

They list down what they think is real and what is not within the subject they've created or joined.

Example: music, they usually talk about what's real music and what is fake music. They only base the real music bands and fake music bands off their interest to those bands and disinterests to the other bands, making the post sound as if they were trying to convert people into hating/liking what they liked/hated rather than being friendly about it.
-So on and so forth with other categories.-

How to spot a selfion on a forum.
- They rant about what is real and list their 'real-to-them' things.
- They then rant about what's fake and list their 'fake-to-them' things.
Not caring about other people's opinions but their own, acting like God and thinking they are controlling the statistics of general interests.
-selfion conversation-
Selfion: 'Billy Talent isn't real music.'
Victim: 'But I like that band..'
Victim: 'Please sir..'

-selfion on a forum-

-posted by: selfion-

-topic: real musick-

you know wut's real musick? jonas brothers!! hello! people judge them..idiots..they are real musick..wehn will people relise this soon enough.

since u fucking idiots don't know whats real ill list em down:
1. j-angel
2. pohu
3. kawaii girl
5. 666 jump ropes
9. people who kiss
these r true bands..they are true musick..fucking fags..

since u cannot poscess musick, here's WHATS NOT RL!
1. opeth
2. metallica
32. love and rockets
7. ok go
3. dunnoAgoodBandname

stop listenng to these ugly, worhtless bands..maybe then u will be accept'd
by Hyposane January 09, 2010
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Tractor Girl Soup is a phrase you say when you either cannot decide on something or you don't want to say yes or no due to the result of possibly hurting the asker's feelings.

Tractor Girl Soup is from the movie The Crazies. A scene that involves a tractor and a guy and girl which ends up making them look like soup. (guts and blood everywhere)

It's just a funny, very random answer you give to anyone if the question they asked has the qualities of the above description.
Guy: We've been together for a while..Will you marry me?
Girl: Err...Tractor Girl Soup...

Person 1: Hey! Welcome to McDonalds! May I take your order?
Person 2: Umm..Tractor Girl Soup, Tractor Girl Soup..uh..Tractor..Tractor..Soup..I'll have the Big Mac.
by Hyposane March 09, 2010
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