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Occurs when a group of males in close proximity, usually friends, urinates in a non-dark area; usually characterized by the ability (whether exercised or not) of one individual to reach out and grab another's skin flute while at the same time having his grabbed.
We were having a great time on bear island until the four of us all got up to piss at the same time. I felt like we were getting up and joining a San Francisco Marching Band.
by HunterCurtisJake August 05, 2008
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To throw some dome is to casually fellate a boyfriend, bro, or other acquaintance. Throwin' dome can be done as an act of charity, debt repayment, flirtation, or introduction, but never as an act of lust or passion.
I was pretty bummed out after I failed my second exam in a row, but when that chick saw my frowny face she decided to throw some dome my way and now I'm good to go!
by HunterCurtisJake September 09, 2010
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The next logical step in a docking transaction between two males. To "Yankee Doodle" is to tie together the penises of two docking men for the purpose of achieving a more perfect union.
Hunter and I were docking last night, but since we ran out of hands we decided on a good 'ol Yankee Doodle to get us where we needed to go. It blew my fucking mind.
by HunterCurtisJake July 31, 2010
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A quick-recharge, high-alpine energy shot delivered by slamming a mouthful of your bro's protein-rich load. Comes in various flavors depending on what's served at base camp.
I was really struggling up the last few hundred vertical feet of that summit. Luckily my friend loaded me up with a buddy boost; it gave me the protein I needed for the final push!
by HunterCurtisJake September 08, 2010
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