6 definitions by Hu Tao

Mum : the baby pooed itself again. can you change the it’s nappy, it’s crying is giving me a headache.
You : okay
by Hu Tao August 16, 2021
"alwayswithhan" is the among us imposter alpha 👿👿👿😈
alwayswithhan Is the alpha baka
by Hu Tao June 20, 2021
Man1 : broo I liked her wonana completely clean last night, she tasted amazing
Man2 : wow good for you bro
by Hu Tao November 7, 2021
A nsfw AlbedoxReader fanfic
Person 1 : bro.. I just read that one albedo fanfic….
Person 2 : same, I’ll never see cryo slimes the same again
by Hu Tao August 17, 2021
Person 1 : hey ya know Paimon? That floating thing from Genshin Impact?
Person 2 : oh you mean the emergency food 😛 /j
by Hu Tao August 25, 2021