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A peniscopter occurs when you spin your penis around in circles fast enough it actually lifts your body off of the ground.
I love using my peniscopter, it's the only way to fly!
by HowieFeltersnatch August 31, 2007

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A vaginabomb is a peniscopter's worst enemy. It causes the penis to become erect, making the peniscopter lose flight.
I was flying fine until some asshole threw vaginabombs at me. After being hit, I got hard and went down.
by HowieFeltersnatch September 10, 2007

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An overweight balding man. Personality of a stump. Slightly homosexual. People around him realize his wife married down.
You are such a Scholljegerdes (gay)
by Howiefeltersnatch October 24, 2013

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Being hokier than all of the other hokey things.
<HowieFeltersnatch> i had to work in 2 churches today
<HowieFeltersnatch> i hate going to churches
<HowieFeltersnatch> especially catholic churches.. their religion is the hokiest
by HowieFeltersnatch August 30, 2007

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to show lack of intelligence
Don't do things that would make you seem Enward.
by HowieFeltersnatch September 07, 2007

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