11 definitions by Horse Nipple

Catching Anal Warts by someone crying into your ass.
"I got a Chinese Ass Infection from Susie last night. It hurts like hell when I pinch a loaf."
by Horse Nipple March 14, 2008
An ice cube made of frozen urine.
"There's a Piss-cube in my drink!"
by Horse Nipple March 14, 2008
Taking a humongous shit.

Sometimes to Vanilla Ice's Ice, Ice Baby
"Dude, he's been in there Dropping a Gangster for 30 minutes now."
by Horse Nipple March 14, 2008
Skullfucking an AlQaeda member to death. Yes, skullfucking a guy, but not to be gay, just to show them who's boss, goddammit!
Chuck Norris: "America, fuck yeah!!"
Terrorist Bastard: "*gugh!* Halajamagh- *AGH!*"
Osama: "Holy fucking Allah!! It's the Iraqi Root Canal!...Oh shit, that's Chuck Norris!!"
by Horse Nipple March 13, 2008
Polishing a woman's ass using a spit-shine method, for the purpose of using your spit as an anal lube.
"Hey, I gave your wife an Irish Shiner last night."
by Horse Nipple March 14, 2008
A used condom, flushed down the toilet that, somehow, made it past the sewage treatment facility, and is floating in the rivers and streams of Oklahoma.
Billy-Bob: "Hey, d'you go fishin' down yonder't tha river?"
Jimmy-James: "Yeah, all I caught was an Oklahoma Jellyfish."
by Horse Nipple August 12, 2009
A term used to describe something that is awesome beyond words.

Used in My Way Entertainment's Ghostbusters parody.

Variants include but are not limited to:
Mutha fuckin' JAM!
JAM, nigga!
Crazy Bastard #1: "Charles Manson was Mutha fuckin' JAM!"
Crazy Bastard #2: "Naw, naw! Jeffrey Dahmer was JAM, nigga!"
by Horse Nipple March 14, 2008